Budweiser Buddies

Last February, Budweiser presented what is said to be the most successful commercial at the Superbowl. “Puppy Love” portrayed the friendship of a puppy with a heard of horses. The puppy’s owner didn’t want her dog to be at the barn so would always come and take him away.

In the end, the horses follow the car as the puppy is taken away, and won’t move until the puppy is able to stay. This shows a strong bond between two different animals, and the love they have for each other.

This advertisement for Budweiser beer aims for emotional resonance, rather than just getting a laugh out of the audience.

In chapter seven of “Aim For the Heart”, Al Tompkins writes that images have a great power over viewers. Watching television is a passive exercise.

The image of the puppy automatically forms a strong connection with the audience, and allows them to have something to become emotionally attached to, because who doesn’t love watching a cute puppy?

Budweiser is branding their product, but in a different way than we are used to seeing. They are showing a story about friendship, implying that if you drink this specific beer you can do so with your friends.

This week, Budweiser released a new, and even more emotional Ad, called “Friends Are Waiting”. This video advertisement shows a strong connection between an owner and his dog. He leaves for the night, and does not return home until the following day.

You see the dog waiting anxiously by the door for him to return. At one point the dog gives up all hope. The door flies open and the owner runs to his best friend, his dog.

This Ad shows the strong influences that drinking while driving has on not only yourself, but also everyone who is waiting for you. Your friends are counting on you to get home safely, so if you can’t do it for yourself, do it for someone else.

Budweiser did a good job connecting these two videos together by using a dog as the object. It was a smart choice because even almost a year later, viewers cannot stop talking about how effective the previous Budweiser Ad was.

People see images before they hear words, so the dog’s emotions throughout the video are what the viewers are absorbing rather than the background music.



Conde Nast Sued By Two Interns

Conde Nast is a mass media company that was founded in 1909. This magnificent company has a viewing audience of 164 million across 20 different print and media brands, including Vogue, Vanity Fair, and The New Yorker. All of Conde Nast’s magazines have a wide range of focus, such as travel, food, and of course, my favorite, fashion.

Because Conde Nast is such a well-known company of such elite magazines, it is a dream for many to want to work there. Working for Vogue magazine is my dream job, so last December, once I was old enough to apply to be part of their internship program, I was shocked to find out that as of 2014, Conde Nast will no longer be taking interns.

Conde Nast was sued by two of their past interns because they feel as if they were paid below minimum wage and not treated fairly. The results from the law suit no longer permit Conde Nast to run an internship program, causing a huge change in the industry.

It saddens me to hear this news because it will only make it that much harder for me to achieve my dream job and one day become the creative director of Vogue magazine. I am not saying that Conde Nast’s past interns deserved to be treated in a harsh manner, but I’m also not saying that eliminating the intern program was the right step. I hope that sometime in the near future I can intern at Conde Nast, because if I am unable to start at the bottom how can I make it to the top?