Fotoshop by Adobe- The New Revolution of Beauty?

Photoshop is a program that allows you to alter any image that you wish. You can alter an image by changing the color, modifying the size or scale, or placing one image within another image. It allows you to edit an image so the resulting product is what you desire.

Photoshopping images of models and celebrities is something that we see in every picture or on every cover of any magazine.

Women still feel the need to look the exact same way as the women we see in movies, magazines or various advertisements. The only thing is that in our digital and technologically savvy world, those women are not real. Despite knowing this, women still strive to achieve what we see as “perfect”.

Jessie Rosten made a video on YouTube promoting a beauty product called “Fotoshop by Adobé”. The video is a parody that takes the tools used in Photoshop and applies it to beauty products for women to use.

“This commercial isn’t real, and neither are society’s standards of beauty,” Rosten says.

I honestly think that this short commercial video has powerful and lasting effects for women. We need to understand that no human can look as perfect as they do on the cover of a magazine without various editing techniques.

Photoshop allows you to adjust waist size, remove pimples, and darken or lighten ones skin. Our world is becoming more and more digitalized each day, which only makes it easier and easier to change the way someone actually looks.

No one can look perfect without being edited to perfection despite who you are.