What Would You Do To End Ebola?

 What Would You Do To End Ebola?

“Doctor Phuoc Le will travel to West Africa next week to join the fight against Ebola- a trip that involves a great deal of sacrifice,” NBC’s Joe Fryer said.

After just reading the first sentence of NBC News’s Article regarding Ebola, I am intrigued to continue reading and engaging myself deeper into the article in order to learn something and report back to others.

Many would not put their safety at risk when the resulting consequence is not hopeful. Le knows that his selfless act requires bravery, courage and strength because once he takes on this mission there is no turning back.

NPR’s Scott Simon says that a story must have a point, so that the audience can take something away from it. After reading this article I learned that Doctor Phuoc Le is putting others before himself.

Just because he is going to rural Liberia, that does not mean he’s not nervous or fearless. Le told NBC News that although he is well equipped to go, that does not mean he is not scared.

The University of California San Francisco is encouraging its health care workers to go to West Africa. Their focus is to get enough people there to stop transmission of this terrible and deadly disease.

Simon also says that a story needs to give its audience something they can repeat to others. Immediately after I came across this article I called my dad and told him what I learned. He then repeated it to my mom and three brothers, who in turn repeated it to others.

Le is putting his life aside in order to save others. He will be quarantined for three weeks, which means he will be unable to see, or even hug, his two-year-old daughter for a while.

Le admits that this will not be easy, but it’s a small price he has to pay for the greater good of others in the world.

I thought that NBC broke this story down and it was reported in short, breathable sections. The story starts with a bold statement that leaves the audience wanting more, and finishes with a strong personal connection with Le and his daughter, which ends with the audience feeling emotional.

I think a story should follow all of Simon’s rules but to me emotions play a big part in the impact a story has on its audience.