My three brothers were always achieving their goals as athletes; naturally, I was driven to follow in their footsteps and become a competitor as well. All I wanted to wear was baggy sweats, Cubs T-shirts, and Nike high-tops. “The boys” dressed identically. Why should I be the odd one out? Since I am the only girl in my family, my mom wanted the gender-joy of buying and picking out my outfits. She encouraged me to avoid wearing any sort of sweatpants or sports apparel to school, or around the house.

At first, I was offended and felt singled out. Later, as I got older, I realized my uniqueness on the outside created an original and creative person on the inside. My dressing was a blessing in disguise. Fashion became my passion in life. And without my mom’s expansion of my wardrobe, perhaps my heart for chic-style and eye for hit trends would not have developed.

Vogue magazine takes up sacred space on my nightstand. I have dreamed about working for the magazine since I was twelve. The big bold “VOGUE” letters arouse me more than a flash mob in Time Square. For millions of women, including myself, Vogue inspires and empowers us to connect to the world. Vogue places fashion in the context of the world in which we live in. Vogue’s mission is to engage readers in what will come next within the fashion industry and world as a whole. This is a mission that radiates within me, and one that I would like to be a part of.

I plan on pursuing a degree in Strategic Communications through the Journalism School at the  University of Wisconsin-Madison. With this degree I will be well positioned for fields related to advertising, and public relations. I will have the ability to advocate on behalf of Vogue magazine. I am also receiving a minor in graphic design and hope to combined my design and art skills with my journalism skills to hopefully one day become the Creative Director of Vogue.

Click to view my resume SophieNathanCV (1)

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